Chunk E​.​P.

by Aldershot

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released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Aldershot Florida

Aldershot, from the desolate little town of Geneva Florida, is the fun-loving trio of musicians dedicated to being positive under the pressures of the world.

Leif Redding on Lead vocals and Guitar
Drew Owens, the WildBansheeFeind and drummer.

We aims for the idea of kindness and a broadened perspective of the world through mosh and love.
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Track Name: Alphy
"Let god, Destroy, What he created.
Let god, Decide, What your fate is...

If you don't believe in yourself, believe in me.
Because i swear, on every fiber of my being,
We can beat this thing...

Our actions don't define us, its our motives that set us apart.
so despite all poor decisions, what matters is your heart..."
Track Name: The Slapstick Crusader
"start another genocide, kill whats inside this shell of a body and decide, whether this boy is broken, or this girl she soaks in, guilt as is spoken, with words so cold and, deliberately abusing, abasing and using, verbal lashings polluting, our society confusing those, who have a peace of mind, those who have ideas and a need to find peace...

Despite your faith in a deity, idols never matter much in reality. Passion driven by a book breeds calamity. So via war and death, i rejected belief. but faith isn't just for the pious, faith in each other is what unites us. so for heavens sake, give your gods a break. Don't repent, just make an alliance.

We're not machines."
Track Name: Apocalyptic S'mores
"A world that fights together, is a world that never fights.
But due to angst and anger, we tend to end in blight.
to the man that speaks the rapture, i pray that you aren't right.
but if no morning comes, i bid you a goodnight.

We are the kids that keep a soul inside,
our sinful human bodies filled with hate and pride.
to those that flaunt their greed and twist their verbal knives,
to you my brothers try to realize,
that we may face peril, we that always fight,
we may twist and break the blade off, let hate build inside.
so please just sheath your bent and poisoned blades,
replace these hilts with hands, to face no final days.

We are the authors in the epic of earth.
we write the plots and twists, decide how bad it hurts.
so in the end, my dearest friends,
when the fat lady's heard,
just remember we have rendered our omega,
Verse, By, Verse"
Track Name: Ya Got Guts, Kid/ Big Bad Wolf
"Don't worry you'll never die, because a hero can not be killed.
And you're a bad-ass with a cape and all.
No disease ever had to fight, a boy with a heroes will.
No disease ever had the balls.

Union-Jacks gunna beat your ass, around here, now here.
Union-Jacks gunna some ass, naw here, mya here.

His guts earned him, much more than glory.
for he thrives, he survives deep within our hearts.
Don't worry, you'll never fade because a hero,
can never, and will never die.

I tried to keep you from crying,
but i was bust fighting back my own tears.
I was scared shitless, you knew no fear.
I know that you weren't afraid to go,
and I've already healed.
but still every single day,
i wish that you were here.

Evil he said lived everywhere, but most stays hidden unseen.
but the goodness in his family and friends,
kept his demons on their knees.
the only plague that hindered him,
was the will of the wicked and warped.
He spoke of the evil that we would thwart.
I never had the chance, so now,
i have to do it all on my own.
but that's OK, because i made a promise.
I'll keep your promise, jack.
I'll do my best to keep my word.
For i know that when I'm done,
it was you that saved the world.

we miss you, Jack.

-Big Bad Wolf-
tell your mommy and tell your friends,
that this big bad wolf is at wits end,
and this big bad wolfs gunna tear you down,
and this big bad wolfs gunna wreck your town,

Big Bad Wolf,
Big Bad Wolf,
Big Bad Wolf,